Common questions we get asked by our customers.
Can I share a field trip with students?
What makes your field trips different?
How long do I have access to each field trip?
What do I get with my purchase?
Do you have any other resources?
Can I use this for my class?
Do I need special software or technology?
How do I access the field trip?
Are your videos closed captioned?
Can I download the videos?
What kind of field trips do you offer?
What is a virtual field trip?
How much does a virtual field trip cost?
How long is each field trip?
Who develops the field trip content?
Do all of my students need to be in the same place?
How do I access a video chat session?
What platforms are used for video chat?
How do I access the AR / VR?
What are the compatible devices for the AR / VR?
Can my students participate from a Chromebook?
Are the field trips interactive?
Are there any materials I can use to prepare my students for the virtual field trips?
What days and times are virtual field trips offered?
What if I have students with disabilities and require accommodations?
My classroom is online/hybrid/in-person this year. Can I still participate?
What is the role of the teacher on the day of the program?
Will other classrooms participate in our field trip?
What kind of supplies are needed for the activities?
What types of payments are accepted?
Can I ask questions during my field trip?
Is there anyway I can test my device right now?
How do I sign-up for a virtual field trip?
How do I know that a field trip is appropriate for my class?
What do I do if a field trip is offered but my class will not be studying that topic until later in the school year, or I have already covered the top
Can I attend a field trip without paying for the entire catalog of field trips?
I am still confused, what should I do?
I can’t find a field trip on the topic I want to cover in my classroom, what are my options?
How do I search for and order programs?
Who do I contact if I have technical difficulties before or during the program?
Do I need a Zoom account to participate in the virtual field trips? Do my students?
Who can participate? What grades are these field trips suitable for?
Zoptiks Helpdesk | 2021