Zoptiks 2.2 - Passport and Educator Hub
Welcome to the Zoptiks Passport! This is your one-stop-shop for all your virtual field trips and a complete rehaul to the Zoptiks platform. Frankly, there are too many features to layout in this post, you'll just have to experience them for yourself!

We've also opened up the Zoptiks educator hub at https://educators.zoptiks.com. From now on all of Zoptiks' educational standards will be integrated directly into the virtual field trip sales page, as well as on the hub.

ZooKit Analytics 3.0
A few awesome upgrades to our enterprise system.

Implemented the Lightweight mode of tracking.
< 6 kB tracking script.
Lightweight and performant way of tracking.
No tracking consent needed & fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, PECR.
Implemented Cities tracking.
Improved performance of the website when a user is logged in.
Improved performance of the Pixel tracking script.
Implemented htaccess browser caching rules for images, css and javascript.
Reworked the app dashboard and other pages for a better user experience, looks and consistency.
Fully removed and replaced the previous datepicker with a better one.
Fully replaced the browser tracking library with a new and more up to date one for better accuracy on link statistics.
Upgraded the open-source session recording & replay technology to the latest version.
From now on, bots will be automatically excluded from being tracked.
Fixed email not being changed when updating it in some cases from the Account settings page.
Fix invoices where inclusive taxes were not calculated properly.
Fix pages created from the admin panel not being ordered properly.
Fix realtime analytics not taking into consideration the timezone of the user.

Zoptiks 2.1 - Snax and Partner Field Trips
Now any cultural organization can build and sell their virtual field trip on Zoptiks! It's an affordable way to quickly get your digital experience implemented without the hassle of our enterprise system: ZooKit. 

With this, we added Snax where you can reuse user-generated content alongside our ZooAR creatures to jumpstart your field trip.

What's the difference between Snax and our Workbooks? 
-Snax are quick easy content that can be user-generated and quickly implemented 
-Workbooks are more interactive, fleshed out, and integrated with our gamification system as well as our TINCAN/SCORM grading system.

Here are a few examples of what you can integrate:
-Votable Lists
-Classic Lists
-Memes (via our generator)
-Trivia Quizzes
-Personality Quizzes

This is on top of our existing workbook features where we can make:
-Interactive Books
-Branching Scenarios
-Dialog Cards
-Drag and Drop
-Drag the Words
-Fill in the Blanks
-Find the Hotspot
-Interactive Video
-Mark the Works
-Memory Games
-Multiple Choice
-Image Pairing
-Virtual Tours
-Find the Words

If it seems like a lot... it is! But It also brings Zoptiks to a whole new level! Support us by snagging a lifetime deal!

Zoptiks 2.0 - Virtual Field Trips
It's here! Welcome to the new Zoptiks, made for a new age. You'll still find Zoopedia, our Zoo Directory and all our awesome ZooAR features, but now everything is guided towards virutal field trips.

A few things you'll notice: 
-Virtual Field Trips!
-A progressive web app for desktop, mobile and tablet
-Interactive ELearning
-GDPR,COPPA and CCPA compliance
-Accessability features
-Virtual Permission Slips
-Zoom Integration 
-Your very own user dashboard

Welcome to the the real virtual zoo!
ZooKit 2.5 - Memberships!
Only for Dedicated Servers

- User Roles
- Separate register forms for each role.
- Register form can be customized with extra fields (profile picture, about, social links, etc.)
- Redesigned sign-in/register forms and account details form.
- Added ability to switch between the default and alternate roles through the user dashboard.
- Following permissions can be configured for each role: "Can add listings", and "Can switch role".
- Added support for Google reCAPTCHA in sign-in and register forms.
- Added support for rich term descriptions in Explore page.
- Localized chart labels in the "Visits" section in user dashboard.
- Added a new demo importer which is faster and more reliable in different hosting environments.
- FIX: Product image not updating when switching between variations in single product page.
- FIX: Cannot search terms with apostrophes in their name in term dropdowns.
- FIX: Range filter in Explore page using values from fields of different listing types when the field key is the same.
- FIX: "User Initials" default avatar not applying to comments from guest users.
- FIX: Cannot remove gallery images in some mobile devices.
- FIX: Ordering listings by event date and rating not preserving the correct priority order.
- FIX: Date fields in Add Listing form not working in non-latin languages.
- FIX: After sign-in/register, users are not redirected back to the previous page.
- FIX: Layout issues with range filter in right-to-left languages.
ZooKit 2.4.5 - Backend Improvements
- Extended field bracket syntax with modifiers for the following fields:
Recurring Date Fields
event_date.date Get the date portion of the upcoming event instance, formatted to the site settings
event_date.time Get the time portion of the upcoming event instance, formatted to the site settings
event_date.status Get the event status - Upcoming, Ongoing, or Ended.
Single choice fields
radio-field.label Get the selected option label instead of its values
select-field.label Get the selected option label instead of its values
Multiple choice fields
checkbox-field.labels Get the selected options' labels instead of their values
multiselect-field.labels Get the selected options' labels instead of their values
Date fields
date-field.date Get the date portion formatted to the site date settings
date-field.time Get the time portion of a date formatted to the site settings
Location field
location.short Get the listing address in a shortened format
location.lat Get listing latitude
location.lng Get listing longitude
Number field
number-field.format Get the value from a numeric field, formatted to the site language
- Added bracket syntax support in preview card (head buttons, info fields, footer details)
- Added compatibility with "WP Offload Media Lite" plugin.
- Added support for filtering by decimal values in range filters in Explore page.
- The upcoming event instance in Explore page is now shown based on the event date filter value.
- Optimized Google Maps location autocomplete requests for lower usage costs.
- FIX: Term Checklist field not displaying terms in hierarchical order.
- FIX: Issue with "Order By" filter in category/region/tag pages.
- FIX: Issues with Related Listings, Product Select dropdowns in Add Listing form.
- FIX: Dropdown items cannot be deselected on some mobile devices.
- FIX: Minor issue with user archive page
- FIX: Direct Messages textbox losing focus while typing
Introducing ZooPedia
Every day for the next year you'll receive a featured creature, complete with stunning photography, funfacts and an ZooAR experiance. 

Learn more at https://about.zoptiks.com/project/zoopedia/
Introducing AR ZooMaps!
Zoptiks has stepped it up a notch this time! Now all our organizations that have zoo maps get their map converted into augmented reality, for free, with their subscription and can have their visitors lay it out on their dining room table.

It's an awesome way to get the kids excited for their visit and it makes using digital zoo maps so much easier. We love it! 

Give it a try by clicking on the 'AR' button on our test map.

Introducing ZooAR
We're all bored in the house and in the house bored. 

Check out our newly released AR animals! From running tigers, winking elephants, and cruising killer whales. Zoptiks' AR animals are a great way to reach out to wildlife! 

ZooKit 2.4 - Events!
- Events
- Added new "Recurring Date" field type in the listing type editor.
- Included "Event Date" preset field, as well as support for other custom recurring-date fields.
- Added support for recurrence with both regular and irregular repeat intervals.
- Added "Recurring Date" Explore page filter, with preset search intervals (Today, This Week, This Weekend, etc.) as well as a custom range picker with (optional) minute precision.
- Added support for ordering using a Recurring Date field in the listing type editor, then Search Forms > Listing Order.
- Added "Upcoming Dates" content block to display next date recurrences (including ongoing ones).
- Added "Event Date" cover detail to display the upcoming date.
- Added support for displaying the upcoming date in the listing preview card, both as a head button and as an info field.
- Explore page
- Mobile layout has been refreshed.
- Mobile: Added a "primary filter" for each listing type, visible at all times.
- Filter values stored in the URL are now more readable and more compact.
- Scroll position is restored when viewing a listing then going back.
- Single listing page: Refreshed mobile layout
- Added "Expiration rules" section in the listing type editor. Apart from the expiry date, it's now possible to expire a listing when other - conditions are met.
- Added "Blend header to next section" setting for the header in single listing page.
- Added support for Yoast SEO in single term pages (categories, regions, tags, custom taxonomies).
- FIX: Incorrect listing count shown for terms in some scenarios.
- FIX: "Show unique views" dashboard setting not working.
- FIX: Related listings tab if field is restricted to premium packages, keeps loading perpetually in free listings.
- FIX: Masonry layouts not showing the correct amount of columns on some screens.
- FIX: Elementor dropdown settings not working.
- FIX: Proximity filter ignoring listings whose distance is exactly zero.
- FIX: Using apostrophes on text filters (wp-search, location, etc.) not working properly.
- FIX: Range filter not working on Listing Feed widget (when filterig using an Explore page query URL)
- FIX: Structured data displaying an invalid value for the listing rating when there are no listing reviews.
- FIX: Gallery slider arrows being shown when there are no additional slides.
- FIX: Claiming a listing with an existing package not working properly.
- FIX: Issue with permalinks when the listing permalink base is set to a region or category.
Zoptiks Helpdesk | 2021