Children's Internet Protection Act
The Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) is a federal law in the United States that requires schools and libraries that receive federal funding for internet access or internal connections to employ internet filtering and implement measures to protect children from accessing harmful or inappropriate content online.

To comply with CIPA's policies, Zoptiks takes the following steps:

1. Internet Filtering: Zoptiks develops and integrates internet filtering technologies or solutions that block or filter access to content that is considered obscene, child pornography, or harmful to minors. This helps ensure that children accessing Zoptiks' services within schools and libraries are protected from inappropriate content.

2. Technology Protection Measures: Zoptiks implements technology protection measures, such as firewalls, to prevent unauthorized access, hacking, or other security threats that may compromise the safety of children using their services.

3. Internet Safety Policies: Zoptiks works with schools and libraries to establish and enforce internet safety policies that outline acceptable use of the internet, appropriate behavior online, and guidelines for accessing educational resources.

4. Education and Training: Zoptiks provides educational resources and training materials to schools, libraries, educators, and parents on safe internet practices, digital citizenship, and responsible use of technology. This helps promote awareness and knowledge about online safety among children and adults.

5. Compliance Certifications: Zoptiks ensures that their products and services comply with CIPA requirements and obtain certifications or assurances of compliance to demonstrate their commitment to protecting children online.

6. Collaboration with Schools and Libraries: Zoptiks collaborates closely with schools and libraries to understand their specific requirements and tailor their services to meet CIPA compliance standards. This includes providing documentation and support for CIPA compliance audits or evaluations.

7. Parental Involvement: Zoptiks encourages parental involvement by providing information to parents about the safety features and controls within their platform, promoting open communication about internet safety at home, and offering resources for parents to educate themselves on protecting their children online.
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