China's Cybersecurity Law Requirements
China's Cybersecurity Law (CSL) is a comprehensive law that governs various aspects of cybersecurity in China. It aims to safeguard national security, protect citizens' rights, and regulate the operation and use of networks within China.

To comply with China's Cybersecurity Law, Zoptiks takes the following steps:

1. Data Localization: Zoptiks may be required to store and process the personal data of Chinese citizens within China's borders. Ensuring compliance with data localization requirements may involve partnering with local data centers or cloud service providers.

2. Security Assessments and Protection Measures: Zoptiks should conduct regular security assessments to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities. Implement appropriate security measures to protect networks, information systems, and personal data from unauthorized access, disclosure, or tampering.

3. Data Protection and Consent: Obtain appropriate consent from individuals before collecting, using, or disclosing their personal data. Implement privacy policies that clearly communicate how personal data is handled and ensure compliance with data protection principles.

4. Incident Reporting and Response: Establish incident response plans to address cybersecurity incidents and data breaches promptly. Implement measures to monitor and detect security incidents and report them to relevant authorities as required by the CSL.

5. Cooperation with Authorities:
If required, comply with requests from Chinese regulatory authorities regarding cybersecurity investigations, audits, or inspections. Cooperate with law enforcement agencies in matters related to cybersecurity.

6. Vendor and Supply Chain Management: Assess the security capabilities of vendors and partners involved in the supply chain to ensure they meet the requirements of the CSL. Implement contractual obligations regarding data protection and cybersecurity for third-party service providers.

7. User Identity Verification: Depending on the nature of the services provided, Zoptiks may need to implement user identity verification measures to ensure the authenticity and traceability of user accounts.

8. Cross-Border Data Transfers: Comply with restrictions on cross-border transfers of personal data as outlined in the CSL. Conduct necessary assessments and put in place mechanisms, such as obtaining explicit consent or using approved security assessment methods, to ensure compliant data transfers.
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