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Workflow with Zoptiks

Date: September 19, 2021
Author: Hari Kunduru

1. Go to Dashboard – Zoptiks

2. Click on Open Your Passport

3. Click on highlight

4. Click on CONTINUE

5. Click on Continue

# [Workflow with Zoptiks](

__Date:__ September 19, 2021

__Author:__ Hari Kunduru

__Source:__ [Tango](


### 1. [Go to Dashboard – Zoptiks](
![Step 1 screenshot](

### 2. Click on Open Your Passport
![Step 2 screenshot](

### 3. Click on highlight
![Step 3 screenshot](

### 4. Click on CONTINUE
![Step 4 screenshot](

### 5. Click on Continue
![Step 5 screenshot](

_[This Workflow was created with Tango](

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